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Jacket from the early 1600s....A quick and dirty 1 month project.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Call it Macaroni

Still adding finishing touches to the Jacobean...

Beth, the hubbies and I went to the PA and MD faires this past weekend (we had a lovely time!). So as to add a bit of variation to my costume, this time I stuck a feather in my hat! This is one of the ostrich feathers from the "Aunt Tina's Shopping Spree" stash. So thank you to both Aunt Tina and Beth for the gift. I didn't get photos of me wearing it, because we're getting notoriously bad at taking photos while wandering around faires, but it was so beauteous that I got pics later that night:

hat front

hat side


Blogger Beth said...

And as nice as it looks on your couch, it looked ever nicer on your head!

1:49 PM  

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