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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Inside Out

Underthings first, yes? I've been dying to make a farthingale since I tried on Beth's.
She swore to me that it was a one day project, so I figured a good way to start my labor day weekend, right?!

I used the Alcega pattern as closely as a could. He originally used 22" wide fabric, and my cotton/linen canvas happened to be 23.5" wide (after removing selvages to make hoopcasings), so I figured I'd just end up with a slightly larger circumfrence. And oh, boy, did I!

Who knew 1.5 inches could make such a big difference? (I didn't factor in that it'd be multipled by six in the end--oopsie!) Before its makeover it rather looked more like a southern belle than a renaissance lady....

I don't have any pics of it while it was super huge, but basically I had to go back and cut all the hoops shorter to make it more reasonable (hence the wrinkles all the way around). Here is what it looks like now. I'm kinda standing funny here...I don't think its actually that crooked. But I'm not taking another pic. So this is what you get. ;)


And here it is in action, sporting a skirt from my "waybackwhen" days. ;) I still think its rather large...comments from the peanut gallery? (for reference the bottom hoop is 117, a number i got from janet arnold's farthingale "map"). So its probably an okay size and I'm just not used to it...



Blogger Beth said...

It looks just right to me. For reference, my bottom hoop is something like 120", so we're in the same ballpark. It only *seems* ginormous. It doesn't look oversized at all though. A wee bit of practice gettng through doors and you'll be all set. Love it.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Julebug said...

Hehe, what i really need practice with is SITTING. Oh, the first time was not at all pretty, I tell you. I think I'm getting it down, though.

Question--how much larger (circumfrence) than your farthingale have you been making your skirts?

10:28 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Hmm. Good question. Usually in my (lazy) case, it's a matter of the width of the fabric and how it happens to turn out! I do know that the lightweight skirt I use as padding between the farthingale and the "real" skirts is quite full so the extra folds will help mask the lovely polyethylene tubing. However, I think the skirts on my kirtle and underskirt are probably only about 5-10 inches bigger? I'm sure being larger wouldn't be a problem, but I probably wouldn't go much smaller just so it can drape and move nicely.

11:26 AM  

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