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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Only Three Nights Left?!

Oh my, how I wish I didn't have class Wednesday night, cuz I need all the time in the world to finish this!

I spent the better part of this weekend holed up in my sewing room. First, a gratuitous hideous sleeve mockup shot, taken sometime on Saturday, when my hubby obviously wasn't home, as you can tell by the horrid photography.
Yup, that's log cabin sleeve fabric, for those of you with a keen eye. I had to redo the sleeve pattern so that it wouldn't be as unbearably tight as my first mockup (need to fit a smock in there, right?). Incidentally, this is a really bad shot of the very pretty blue linen I've used as a lining:


This jacket didn't photgraph well from the front (oh my, this is defintley not a slimming print), and I was feeling vain, so you only get to see the back right now. The front's still rough anyway, since the closure isn't done (i'm all out of appropriate ribbon). I'll try to get that working when I get home from work and shopping tomorrow. The whole thing is together with the exception of the bottom and the front hems. I actually handstitched the cuffs and jacket gores. Beth, you'd be proud!


I'm working on applying the gold lace trim. Its slow going, cuz the gold thread I've got to attach it unravels a lot, but it looks pretty, so i'm gonna keep on using it. So far I've got lace on one shoulder wing and about 1/3 of the collar:


Left to do:
1) Finish the front: hem, ribbons, hookneyes.
2) Hem the bottom (this'll be by hand, so it'll take a while)
3) finish applying gold lace (argh!)
1) The hem is all puckery. If there's time i'll try to fix it.
2) I'd love to get the black guard around the neckline to cover the pulling lining--I have a feeling It'll be too warm for this jacket at least once on Saturday, and it'd be nice to have the kirtle presentable just in case. This probably takes priority over the hem...
3)Bottom guards? Probably not enough time. But if not now, later.
1) :( I still don't have a girdle to go with this, and I can't use the venetian one cuz it broke. I don't know that I actually have enough time to string up a new one, so I may be sans jewels.
2) Ruff? in my dreams. Not before saturday.
3) heart shaped bonnet--defintley later
4) caul? It'd be nice to have one under my hat, but i suppose I can do without or use my plain flemish one.
5) smock...my flemish one is too tight in the arms, so it'd need alterations. I might just wear my venetian one, even though its the wrong style. At least the arms are pretty if i take the jacket off. But if I use venetian, I need to fix the cuffs--the ties are pulling out.

Overwhelmed? Yeah, a bit.


Blogger Beth said...

Oh bravo! That outfit is perfectly lovely. The gold lace is wonderful too.

Now then, your to-do list looks horrible. But if I read it correctly, the only mission critical things would be to finish the jacket itself and to fix the ties on the Venetian chemise. That's not quite so bad eh? So do those first perhaps, and then you'll feel better. (Or, um, just ignore me, since I started my hood before finishing my surcoat. Says the hypocrite. Ahem.)

7:29 AM  
Blogger Julebug said...

Yeah, thanks for putting it into focus for me, cuz I needed that! The only other think I'm adding to the "must" list is the neckline guard on the kirtle. Cuz i really won't be happy without.

Your hood looks cool!

8:51 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Looks wonderful!
Good luck on getting the important things done on time.
I'm starting to realize it's not a good costume unless there is last minute sewing :P

3:53 PM  

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